Four: The Space Fight
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A fast-paced space hunt

In Four: The Space Fight you can take control of a Space Fighter, and try your skills in hunting down your enemiesin in a 2D style space shooter game. Do maneuvers that span the entire screen, make jumps from one side to the other, and use your 2 different weapons wisely to destroy all your enemies. Features intuitive easy-to-start controls, that require practice to master nevertheless.
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Four was designed with party gaming in mind. It allows face-to-face multi-player gaming from two to four players. Just imagine 8 fingers tapping the same iPad, it's chaotic fun guaranteed. Four also supports Skillz, a mobile tournament platform, that allows you to compete against others for real money.
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Single-player too

Of course if you're alone, you can enjoy Four as well. To become Master of Space Fighting you need to fight your way through four increasingly difficult levels. Each consists of four objectives, that you must first complete to advance further.
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Unique design

The stars of the show - the four spaceships - restlessly demo features in the main menu, and also fly from one-menu to the other. In-game texts are displayed in a circular pattern rotated to each player, and at the end of the match everyone gets her/his own scoreboard and statistics table. Not the usual space synthesizer music either, it's rock'n'roll, baby.
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Great add-ons to purchase

You can purchase two great add-ons from the store menu for additional fun. One for the single-player, and one for the multi-player mode, to suite all. They bring the Four experience to a new level.
Four: The Space Fight

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